Our Mission

At our organization, we believe that every child deserves equal access to education and opportunities, regardless of their abilities. We are a fundraiser dedicated to financing the education of kids with disabilities and promoting consideration for them. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate discrimination against children with disabilities.


What We Do

At Be The Oasis Foundation, we are dedicated to empowering children with disabilities through education and inclusion. Through our fundraising efforts, we finance the education of children with disabilities and collect resources to provide them with necessary tools and accommodations. We also create physical therapy centers and accommodated schools to support their overall well-being and development. Our goal is to promote consideration and eradicate discrimination towards children with disabilities and create a world of possibilities for them.

Our Impact

Through our efforts, we have been able to support many children with disabilities, enabling them to access education, technology, and physical therapy. Our sponsors have chosen individual children to support from kindergarten to 6th grade, making a lasting impact on their lives. We have seen the joy and growth of these children as they gain more confidence, independence, and skills.

What Makes BeTheOasis Different?

At BeTheOasis, we strive to create a unique experience for both our donors and the children with disabilities we support. Here are just a few things that set us apart:

Personalized Support

We believe in creating a personal connection between our donors and the children they support. When you donate to our fundraiser, you have the opportunity to choose a child and support them from kindergarten to 6th grade. You'll receive regular updates on their progress and know that you're making a real impact in their life.

Comprehensive Care

We don't just provide financial support for children with disabilities - we also work to create a holistic approach to their care. We collect tools to accommodate their needs, create physical therapy centers to help with reeducation, and even create accommodated schools to provide them with a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Advocacy for Inclusion

We believe that every child deserves to be included and valued in their community. That's why we promote consideration for kids with disabilities and work towards the eradication of discrimination. Our activities help raise awareness and create a more inclusive society for everyone.
Empower the Extraordinary

Givie Hope and Opportunities to Children with Disabilities

About Us

We support children with disabilities by providing financial aid for their education, collecting necessary tools and equipment, creating physical therapy centers, and organizing activities.

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